How Do We Generate The SEO Leads?

We follow a tested and proven process to generating SEO leads. Here is the method we use, given below, that will enable you to understand how we generate fresh, genuine leads. Suppose you ordered for Australian SEO Leads, then first we open “Google Keyword Planner” then we search keywords like “Canberra Furniture”. Then we target all cites in Australia. We go through this again and again for many similar keywords.

How we do this?

Suppose you ordered Australian SEO leads.  Our SEO leads generation strategy is as follows.

  • First we open: – (Australia Google), then we put the keyword “Canberra Furniture” as the search term. We open each websites from pages 2-3, then we extract them into our CORE. The CORE AI filters for quality and determines the “contact us” section of the website. If a form is there, we fill in all the information and in the message we send our SEO inquiry. If an email ID is found, we send emails to them as well.
  • We also have specialized email extractor software to collect email addresses. We obtain emails according to our targeted keywords, and then we send emails to them.
  • In this way, we invite thousands of people to have a look at SEO. And normally we receive a number of Leads per day. We will be forward to you for further action.

The most common ways of generating Best SEO Leads are email marketing, and form submissions. It is the hardest indirect way to find people for SEO, but it’s the best way to get leads.