How to Get More SEO Leads

How to Get More SEO Leads

Get Google Rankings For City + SEO

Before you sigh and think to yourself, “duh”, let me explain. I fought like crazy to get my agency’s website ranked on page #1 of Google in the 3rd largest market in the U.S., Chicago Illinois. But, I always stayed ethical and never did any unethical SEO techniques. This is extremely important to note, because everyone on page #1 of Google for the top keyword, “chicago SEO” knew each other or knew of each other.

How To Get Thousands
Of SEO Leads

One particular company’s CEO was a good friend of mine. He made it to page #1 a few years after I did, and even held the #1 spot for a while. For those couple of years business was booming for my friend and fellow CEO. However, to stay on top of Google he soon resorted to unethical link building techniques, which eventually pushed him down to page #3 and page #4 of Google. To make a long story short, he is literally no longer in business.

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So, let me explain how I achieved to the top position for the hardest & most competitive keyword in Chicago, “chicago SEO”.

Specific Page Targeting

As a digital marketing agency, we offered more than SEO services. We also offered web design, development, social media marketing, PPC, and more. Because of this, it’s extremely important to dedicate a top-level web page to each service you’re trying to rank for. Do not target all keywords to the home page, and do not target the same keyword on multiple pages.This confuses the hell out of Google.

2,000+ Words

This is a simple trick that many SEO experts simply don’t do. Aim for 2,000 well written and thought out words on the target landing page. This will give search engines plenty to read, helping them better understand your target page. Don’t just throw content up there. Make sure you write natural and organic content. Also, break it up and make it easy to read so users stay on the page longer.

Internal Links

I naturally linked from other pages throughout the content of our own website to the target landing page using the target keyword. In addition, I didn’t use generic words like “services” in the main menu or content. Instead, we always naturally used specific targeted keywords that would help Google understand our target page better, like “SEO”, and “our SEO services”.