Tips to Make Your Website Load Faster

Tips to Make Your Website Load Faster

Our favorite tool for checking my website speed is Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It will tell you your website’s performance, load time, page size and some suggestions on how you can improve your website.

  1. Choose a reliable web host, of course.
  2. Optimize your scripts (CSS/JS/HTML). WP Fastest Cache plugin allows you to combine and minimize your files.
  3. Make your website responsive.
  4. Enable caching. If you’re using WordPress, I recommend WP Fastest Cache or W3 Total Cache plugin. If you’re not in WordPress, use MaxCDN.
  5. Optimize your images using TinyPNG or ImageOptim or you can use WWW Image Optimizer plugin if you’re using WordPress.
  6. Remove your website baggage (remove unnecessary scripts + plugins, delete spam comments, fix broken links, clean up your database, etc.) Use WP-Optimize your plugin to clean up your database.

But each platform is different so you’d have to do further research on how to speed up your business website. You can simply go to Google search and type “How To Speed Up __________”. Just replace the blank with the platform you’re using (could be WordPress, Shopify, e-commerce, etc.)

How to Check Your Website’s Speed

  1. Google’s PageSpeed Insights
  2. Pingdom
  3. GTmetrix
  4. YSlow

My personal favorite is Google’s Page Speed Insights. It’s easy to use and the results are presented clearly. It also organizes suggestions by “should fix”, “consider fixing”, and “passed rules”.